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The Top Health Benefits of Soft Tissue Work


The Bottom Line:

Massage. Foam rolling. Myofascial release. Trigger point therapy.  Active Release Technique.  Graston Technique.  Dry Needling.  Cupping. Fascial Manipulation. These are all types of soft tissue work - treatments designed to boost the function of the soft tissues in the body. The daily stress of each day can take a toll on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Soft tissue work can assist in combating these daily stresses, helping you feel and function better.  Dr. Drees at Sport and Spine has taken 1000's of hours of additional soft tissue training to treat muscle, tendons and ligaments--specifically reducing pain and improving function.  His advanced training in Graston, Dry Needling and ART provide Dr. Drees a sturdy foundation in which to help you recover from your soft tissue injury woes!


Why it Matters:


Chiropractors can perform soft tissue work to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from minor inju-ries all the way through to helping with performance improvement. You may also be provided with in-structions on performing soft tissue work on your own with a foam roller or tennis ball. You may be wondering what some of the health benefits are that you might see from this soft tissue work.


• Reducing inflammation: If you receive soft tissue work after an injury, our aim is to reduce swelling and improve blood flow to the area. When these happen together as a result of soft tissue work, inflam-mation can effectively be reduced.  ART is exceptional for this type of goal 


• Increased mobility: To lengthen and therapeutically stretch the soft tissues, we may apply soft tissue therapy to a specific muscle or muscle group. This can help to reduce tension and resolve any adhesions that may be limiting flexibility.


Next Steps:

Most patients who step into our practice will benefit from some soft tissue work. This is simply because of one thing - it works. We know that the body is a system that works together, and ensuring that the soft tissues are functioning optimally can positively impact your whole body.

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