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The Most Common Sports Injuries

The Bottom Line:


Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a weekend warrior, most physical activity comes with some risk of injury. While this doesn't equate to a guaranteed severe injury when you exercise, it is important to be aware of possible injuries. Sports injuries can happen suddenly while performing a physical activity or over time with overuse, but both can be prevented.


Why it Matters:


Sports injuries can result from an athlete learning improper training patterns, not having access to the correct equipment or even simple accidents. Some individuals can sustain injuries due to deconditioning or not warming up before performing an activity. These are essential factors to keep in mind so that an injury doesn't catch you off guard. Here are some of the most common injuries that occur from sports:


1. Sprains and Strains - A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched beyond its capacity. These can be caused by falling, twisting, or being struck. A strain occurs as a sprain but to a muscle or tendon. Strains, however, can occur suddenly or gradually over time.

Dr. Drees treats Sprains & Strains with pain relieving soft tissue treatments and exercises to help return to sport safely.  He primarily focusing on using Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and McGill Method for stabilizing the spine--and maximizing range of motion at the extremities. 


2. Knee Injuries - Common knee injuries include conditions like Jumpers Knee (patellar tendinitis) or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. Jumpers' Knee happens due to repetitive jumping, usually in indoor basketball or volleyball. ACL injuries typically occur from a sudden twisting motion at the knee.


Though Dr. Drees has plenty of post surgical patients--he typically focuses on rehab after release from the surgeon.  Sport & Spine of Sun Prairie utilizes the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill to get clients walking or running immediately--whether it's an ACL, a knee or hip replacement, or a fractured foot--we want you moving safely!


3. Achilles Tendon Injuries - Achilles tendinitis is a prevalent injury that commonly arises in sports that involve a lot of running. It can be caused by not stretching sufficiently before playing, not wearing the proper shoes, or unexpectedly increasing your level of exercise.

Dr. Drees utilizes the gold standard for soft tissue teratment with Achilles Tendonitis--Active Release Technique.  He then utilizes eccentric loading of the gastrocnemius and soleus as well as a variety of kinesiotaping techniques to reduce excessive tension and encourage healing. 


Next Steps:


Listening to your body and stopping playing is essential if you think you may be injured. Pain is usually the first indication of something wrong, and scheduling an appointment with us is an excellent first step to take. We can help determine the root cause of your injury and get you back to playing your sport again as quickly and safely as possible.


No pain?  No problem. Dr. Drees is a Functional Movement Screen  specialist--and has spent 1000's of hours training other chiropractors on screening athletes for movement dysfunction.  The movement screen takes about 20 minutes and can shed some detailed light on how an athlete currently moves--and what might be causing pain or limiting performance.


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