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Natural Pain Relief With Dry Needling

Bottom Line:

2010 there was a second wave of overdoses causing a rapid increase in deaths from prescription pain medications. Since the second wave began, hospitals, insurance companies, and the government have started to fund alternative medicine to decrease pain without using pain medications. Within the last half-decade, there has been a surge of natural healing taking place as the first line of defense against pain and injury, including a rise in the popularity of dry needling.  Dr. Drees took his training in 2017--and has continued to expand and develop his skillset to be one of the most experienced and diverse Dry Needling Practitioners in Wisconsin.


Why It Matters:

Dry needling is another form of alternative and complementary medicine that aids in the improvement of muscle, fascia, and joint function. The impressive aspect of this alternative medicine is that it fixes the problem rather than masks a more prominent issue like the world saw with opioids during the crisis in the 1990s. Dry needling uses a dry needle, meaning no medications. Although this treatment does not involve drugs, it is still very effective at assisting in:

• Reducing muscle pain and soreness

• Restoring proper function

• Increasing range of motion


Next Steps: 

If you have tried other avenues in pain prevention, but they are not solving the pressing problem, let us know. Dry needling is just one of the many alternative methods to aid in the function, health, and pain management of your muscles, fascia, and joints.


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