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How Does Dry Needling Work?


Bottom Line:

Have you ever had a muscle that hurt to touch, and the pain from the area would not go away no matter what you tried? Arguably one of the most common causes of pain are muscle spasms that can lead to low back pain, headaches, foot pain, and so much more. With many methods to help alleviate a muscle spasm, why is dry needling rising in popularity? Although it may sound intimidating, dry needling is a comprehensive technique for managing muscular pain and decreased range of motion due to muscle spasms. Dry Needling uses a very thin monofilament needle tapped through the skin and will help treat the muscular trigger point lying underneath.


Why It Matters:

Muscle spasms and trigger points are direct causes of joint dysfunction and pain. By eliminating the cause of the joint pain as efficiently as possible, there is a shorter period of painful symptoms and a lower chance of making pain a chronic problem. Dry needling can be a part of a regular care regiment or help with specific muscle spasms and trigger points. The main goal of dry needling is to:

• Reduce pain

• Decrease or eliminate trigger points

• Restore proper function

• Increase range of motion in the complementary joint


Next Steps: Now that you have learned the basics behind dry needling make sure to reserve your next treatment session. Our dry needling appointments are in-demand and limited. And that's no surprise with it being shown to help with recovery, pain relief, and performance.


Science Source:

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