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Dry Needling to Reduce Fascia Pain


Bottom Line:

Now that you have learned the basics behind dry needling make sure to reserve your next treatment session. Our dry needling appointments are in-demand and limited. And that's no surprise with it being shown to help with recovery, pain relief, and performance.


Why It Matters:

Anywhere that nerve endings exist, so does the possibility for pain. The quality of pain could be sore, achy, tingling, or sharp pains, but what the body is trying to communicate is a dysfunction in the tissue. Those knots that everyone speaks about being in their shoulders, neck, and back all relate to the dysfunction of fascia. Research has shown that fascia dysfunction is highly preventable and can be easily treated with dry needling.

The factors that can affect a smooth and flexible fascia to become wrinkled include:

• A lifestyle of limited physical activity

• A repetitive movement that overworks one part of the body

• Poor Posture


Next Steps: 

Living a lifestyle with limited physical activity or repeating a harmful movement in your body are both easily fixed. Steps to take to prevent the wrinkling of your fascia can include:

• Taking a 30-minute walk every day.

• Stretching before and after exercising.

• Taking breaks during times of prolonged sitting. If these simple steps do not help the muscle pain, let us know, and we'll schedule a dry needling appointment to help you get on the right track.


Science Source:

Muscle Pain: It May Be Your Fascia. John Hopkins Medicine. 2021


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