Disc Issues and Chiropractic


Bottom Line:


Disc herniations, bulges, protrusions, and extrusions (oh my!) are some of the most common reasons people visit a chiropractor.


In fact, most people see a chiropractor not just because they have lower back disc issues but because such conditions have caused a significant impact on their quality of life.


The good news?


You can get natural, non-invasive treatment for a herniated disc in Sun Prairie.


The research doesn't lie and backs up what we’ve witnessed for years - chiropractic care provides outstanding results for people with lower back disc issues.


Why it Matters:


A spinal disc has a soft, jellylike center encased in a tougher, rubbery exterior - referred to as the nucleus and annulus, respectively.


A herniated (or slipped or ruptured) disc happens when some of the nucleus pushes its way through the annulus, and while this can occur in any part of the spine, herniated discs are most often found in or near the low back.


And it may surprise you to know that no two patients who've come to us seeking treatment for a herniated disc in Sun Prairie are alike.


In some cases, those with lower back disc issues have no symptoms.


In other cases where a patient has been living with a herniated disc or other lumbar disc condition, they report pain, numbness, or weakness in other parts of the body.


The good news is that these symptoms tend to improve over time, and invasive intervention is not required in most cases.


That’s because your body has an incredible ability to heal without drugs or surgery - yes, even from disc herniations!


In fact, movement can be thought of as medicine for the body.


That's why our team specializes in natural treatment for disc herniations and more in Sun Prairie.


We know that there are specific chiropractic techniques that can positively influence the pressure on your spinal discs.


Chiropractic Care as a Treatment for Herniated Discs and Lower Back Disc Issues


Recent studies have also shown that conservative treatment options like chiropractic adjustments can be more effective than spinal injections for treating disc issues.


Still more studies have shown that movement, reducing intra-discal stress, and opening up the channels your nerves pass through can improve how you feel and help accelerate the healing process.


Consider that disc herniation is most often the result of a gradual, aging-related wear and tear.


As we age, our discs become less flexible and more prone to dysfunction - oftentimes, most people can't pinpoint the cause of their herniated disc.


Sometimes, lifting a heavy object with your back rather than from your legs can lead to a herniated disc; the same can happen if you don’t have the support you need to turn while lifting said object.


It’s easy to see why maintaining disc health is so important.


Making time for regular exercise, making it a point to maintain good posture, and getting screened and adjusted regularly by your favorite chiropractor are so important to ensuring the health of your spinal discs.

Exercise helps stretch and strengthen the muscles that stabilize and support the spine.

Practicing proper posture also helps reduce excess pressure on your spinal discs.

Chiropractic adjustments help maintain proper motion of the spine as a whole.


Remember, your body has an incredible ability to heal itself, and that’s what we’re here to help you with, especially if you've been looking for an alternative or more holistic treatment for a disc herniation in Sun Prairie.

Next Steps:


We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again - chiropractic care provides outstanding results for people with lower back disc issues.


As you just read, recent studies have shown that people with disc herniations have reported experiencing better, longer-lasting pain relief with chiropractic adjustments versus injections.


So, know that if you have received an MRI that indicates you might be living with some lower back disc issues, it certainly does NOT automatically mean that surgery or injections are your only options.


Give us a call today to discover a natural way to find relief.


Our doors are open, we specialize in natural, non-invasive treatment for herniated discs in Sun Prairie, and we’re here to help!


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