Graston Technique
Graston utilizes a specific instrument to manipulate the soft tissues including muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia that cause painful conditions, and can be used to reduce the size of surgical scars.
Active Release Technique
Active Release Technique is a non-invasive, movement based soft-tissue and nerve treatment, for strains, sprains, nerve entrapments and repetitive injuries.
RockPods Cupping
RockPods use negative (decompressive) pressure to lift, separate, and stretch underlying soft tissues. The pods allow me to grab, pull, and push fascia to treat pain, mobility, and movement dysfunctions.
Need some help with your shoulder stability? Maybe a little reminder to sit up straight?

Kinesiotape is used to rehabilitate and facilitate neuromusuclar control to improve range of motion and motor control.  

Stretch the Right Way
There's more to stretching than you think.

Dr. Nate uses Post-Isometric Relaxation, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facillitation, and Muscle Energy Technique as well as old-school passive stretching to provide pain relief and improve function. It's more than just pulling the muscles apart.

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