The Mckenzie Method and Chiropractic Adjustment
A Reliable Assessment Process for All Musculoskeletal Problems

Classifying and treating the patients' pain on an individual basis ensures each patient gets the appropriate mobilization/manipulation, at the right articulation, with the appropriate amount of force to Improve Range of Motion, Reduce Pain, and Improve Healing.

Flexion Distraction Therapy
Gentle Pain Relief Without Twisting, Cracking, or Crunching.

Flexion-distraction therapy is performed on a segmented table that moves as your chiropractor slowly manipulates your spine. The manipulations, combined with the movements of the table, stretch and decompress your spine, relieving your back, leg, neck, or arm pain.

A Wide Diversity of Chiropractic Adjustments
Not Every Patient Should Be Adjusted The Same.

Dr. Nate utilizes a diverse set of chiropractic techniques--catered to the individual.  This isn't about snapping, cracking, and popping. It's about providing the patient relief, and empowering them to take control of their back pain.  A geriatric patient doesn't receive the same care as a youth athlete--it's about you.  As Dr. Nate says, "You know your body better than anyone else, I'm just here to help be a liason for your health."

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